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Dr. Maurizio Mannocci Galeotti


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Laureato in Medicina e Chirurgia nel 1981 presso Università di Firenze. Iscritto all'Ordine dei Medici di Pistoia.

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Curriculum vitae

Maurizio Mannocci Galeotti, M.D.
Via Ettore Carafa #10, 50133 Firenze, Italy
Phone: +39 055 8494321 (h) +39 3483129765 (m) +39 0558494321 (f),
DATE OF BIRTH:                                 26 November...

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NATIONALITY:                                               Italian
GENDER:                                            Male
11/1975 – 11/1981                                         Graduation in Medicine and Surgery
                                                                               Firenze State University School of Medicine; Italy
                                                                               110/110 “cum laude”
2008 – Present                                                Continuing Education on Many Topics Palliative Care Related
Choosing wisely, Caring vs. Curing, Pain Therapy in Palliative care, Dying within Hospital, Opioids drugs , narrative medicine, communication with patient and his/her family, Bioethics, symptoms management, Palliative Sedation, psychological issues, health personnel training, community education...etc.
Promoted by different Italian Institutions: Floriani Foundation, Universities, Scientific Societies, Governmental and NGOs on palliative topics.
11/2004 – 11/2006                                         Master in Palliative Care
                                                                               Firenze State University School of Medicine; Italy
Pain therapy and end-of-life care in Intensive Care Unit, with class 110/110 “cum Laude”
All concerning management, care of patient and his/her family, Bioethics, drug therapy, psychological issues, ,pain therapy, Training oh health personnel, community education...etc.
2nd Level Master
2002                                                                     Residency – Palliative Care
Scuola Italiana di Medicina e Cure Palliative (SIMPA) = Italian  Palliative Medicine Society; Milano, Italy
Intensive resident full time Workshop of 120 learning hours.
Palliative care approach and principles, bioethics, services organization, team work and team building, Thanatology, pharmacotherapy evaluation and monitoring, utilizing   multimedia methodology: PBL, audiovisual tools and play roll.
1989                                                                     MSc – Primary Health Care Manager
International Centre for Health Manager (ICHM ) of Italian NIH, a WHO Collaborating Centre; Roma, Italy
11/1983 – 11/1987                                         Postgraduate Specialization Equivalent to Psychiatry
                                                                               Siena State University School of Medicine; Italy
                                                                               70 / 70 "cum laude"
04/2004 – Present                                          Chief of the Palliative Care Unit (PCU) - Mugello District
                                                                               NHS – Health Unit Firenze; Firenze, Italy
Within Oncology Department till Jun 2014, then in autonomous Department.
Palliative care and pain therapy delivery: at Home, at Hospital and at Nursing Homes. Simultaneous care with Oncology Day Hospital. Multi-professional team management. Health personnel training as well as on job training of GPs and hospital colleagues. Progressive Sedation issues. Death education of reference community.
06/2001 – 03/2004                                         Palliativist MD within Oncology Department
                                                                               NGO CALCIT – Chianti Fiorentino; Firenze, Italy
Palliative care at Home, at District Hospital and Nursing Homes.
01/2000 – 04/2001                                         Health Project Coordinator
                                                                               Italian NGO “Alisei”; Milano, Italy
Implementation of health current projects as well as identification and elaboration of new ones, founded by European Commission. Chief of international personnel of  Primary Health Care projects in Angola. Inter-institutional and security local issues management.
01/1997 – 01/1999                                         Colombia Country Director
                                                                               International NGO’s Consortium “Project Counseling Service”
Management of cooperation projects for displaced people by international conflict.
05/1996 – 06/1996                                         Consultant
French NGO “Medicus Mundi” and AIDS Task Force of European Commission; Paris, France
Elaboration of country project for Colombia on AIDS Prevention
02/1994 – 04/1996                                         Assistant Director
                                                                               United Nation Drug Control Programme; Bogotá, Colombia
Supervision and management of project on drug demand reduction in Colombia.
08/1993 – 11/1993                                         Consultant
Pan-American Health Organization/WHO – Colombia-Venezuela Office; Bogotá, Colombia
Training and Follow-up of country plans of action on Control Diarrheal Disease Programme in Colombia and Venezuela.
1991 – 1993                                                       Programme Officer, Assistant of the Regional Health Advisor
                                                                               Latin America Regional Office UNICEF; Bogotá, Colombia
Technical support and supervision of health plans of action for children all around the region.
05/1990 – 12/1990                                         Psychiatrist
                                                                               Hospital Molinette; Torino, Italy
                                                                               Clinical Assistance
06/1988 – 12/1988                                         Child Psychiatrist
                                                                               COTECNO, funded by Italian Government; Roma, Italy
Prevention and rehabilitation of child mental deficiencies, family and community education in urban marginal area of Bogotá, Colombia.
01/1986 – 01/1988                                         Child Psychiatrist and Italian Team Coordinator
Italian NGO “Gruppo Transculturale,” funded by Italian Government; Milan, Italy
Build up the first Child Mental Health Centre in Nicaragua
05/1982 – 11/1983                                         Psychiatrist
                                                                               State Jail of Solicciano; Firenze, Italy
                                                                               Clinical assistance
2009/2010 – Present                                    Visiting Professor/Master of Palliative Care and Pain Therapy
                                                                               State University of Firenze Medical School
                                                                               Postgraduate Training: II° level Master Diploma
2007/2008 – Present                                    Professor in Psychiatry, Palliative Care
                                                                               State University of Firenze Medical School – Nursing Course
                                                                               Last semester of III° year
2007/2008 & 2009/2010                               Teacher on Palliative Care & End-of-Life Issues
                                                                               State University of Firenze Medical School
                                                                               Extracurricular Course
2008/2009                                                          Visiting Professor on Palliative Care Issues
                                                                               Zagreb and Belgrade Medical School
                                                                               Within the PPMP Project
                                                                               Responsible to draw the Pensum of all training
2006/2007                                                          “Psychology of Pain & Palliative Approach” Lecture
                                                                               Health Promoting Hospital (HPH)
2005                                                                     “Empowerment of Patient at End of Life” Lecture
                                                                               Firenze State University – Oncology Department
                                                                               Refreshing Course
2004/2005                                                          “Palliative Care & End-of-Life” Lesson
                                                                               Firenze State University
                                                                               Postgraduate at School of Anesthesiology
2003                                                                     “Psychology and Palliative Care Issues” Workshop
                                                                               Firenze State University – Department of Nursing
                                                                               Auxiliary nurse training
2001 – Present                                                  Participating at annual National Congress of SICP and some European Congress of EAPC
                                                                                Presenting papers, attending round table, as chairman, etc.
05/2001                                                                “Elaboration, evaluation and monitoring of projects in developing countries” Workshop
                                                                                Bocconi University; Milano, Italy
                                                                                Workshop held at postgraduate education Summer School
05/1999                                                                “Personal and Social Identity in a Multicultural Society”
                                                                                Firenze State University – Department of Psychology
                                                                                Extracurricular workshop
                                                                               Referent for spirituality of Italian Journal of Palliative Care (RiCP)
2011 – 2014                                                       Member, National board of Italian Society of Palliative Care (SICP)
2011 – Present                                                  Member, European Society of Palliative Care (EAPC)
2005 – Present                                                   Member, International Association of Hospice and Palliative Care (IAHPC)
2003 – Present                                                  Member of Italian Society of Palliative Care (SICP)
2013                                                                     “Better Care at Lower Cost”
                                                                               Core Unit within a largest University Hospital; Florence, Italy
                                                                               Start-up with the first experience of Inpatient Palliative Care
2013                                                                       “Existential Suffering of Cancer Patients, as People Living Under Limiting Lifespan”
                                                                               Cancer Toscana Institute
                                                                               Needs analysis and innovative supportive approach elaboration
2009                                                                       King’s College and European Palliative Care Research Collaborative (EPCRC) (Professor Irene Higginson)
                                                                                Participating at the wide expert group on the management Depression in palliative care
2008/2009                                                           “Palliative and Pain Medicine Project”
                                                                                Connecting European universities: an Experience of Higher Education strengthening in Palliative Care, where as University of Florence we planned pensum  and participated as visiting professor at the  Medical School of Belgrade and Zagreb Universities the with a communication for the EAPC European Congress 2009.
06/1984 – 12/1984                                           Comparative Analysis of Public Health Psychiatry Services in Turkey and Finland
                                                                                Original Field Research
                                                                                Granted by Italian Foreign Ministry                       
02/2009 - 04/2009                                          Resigned my position with a medical practice in Reno, NV, and                                                                                took three months off for an extended vacation and to relocate                                                                                             to a new employed position in Hyannis, MA
2011                                                                     “Existential Dimension of Palliative Care”
                                                                               Spirituality at End-of-Life workshop; Crema, Italy
2005 – Present                                                  Various Presentations at National Congresses of Italian Society of Palliative Care and Other Symposium     
Main topics presented: Palliative Sedation, Spirituality, depression in Palliative Care, i.e. :
a. Existential dimension of suffering at the end-of-life 2012
b. Review of ground experience on palliative sedation among 4 Home palliative Care teams in Florence (2004-2008)
c. Empowerment people living under life threatening diseases or at end-of life and their families 2006
Many other presentations I held during my work in International Cooperation
“Incoming Future: or Caesar or nothing?” (in Italian), forthcoming in Italian Journal of Palliative Care
“Continuous deep sedation in home palliative care units: case studies in the Florence area , in 2000 and
in 2003-2004”, co-writer, Minerva Anestesiologica , vol 73. No 5 2007
“Quality monitoring of Palliative care offer”, co-writer, Toscana Medica Journal  #.9/06. 2006
“QUA.LE: a software f or data collecting of clinical activities in Palliative Care Unit”, co-writer, Italian
Journal of Palliative Care (RiCP), # 1 spring 2005.
 “Operative structure for a demand reduction policy”, (in Spanish) Memory of the International Congress
on Coca and Cocaine, organized by the University of Andes, Health Ministry and UNDCP, Bogota, 1995.
“Guidelines for drug abuse prevention policy within youth”, (in Spanish) Memory of Regional Conference
on Adolescent Health, sponsored by UNFPA, PAHO/WHO and the Ibero-American Youth
Organization, Cartagena 1995. (forthcoming)
“Selected methodological guidelines for Nutritional Surveillance in developing countries”, (in English and
Spanish) PAHO/WHO, UNICEF and University of Quito joint publication, Quito, March 1993.
“Does diarrhea give you cholera? “ , (In Spanish) CHASQUI, Latin-American Magazine of Communication
#39, Jul/Sep 1991.
“First outcomes of a research on epilepsy in Nicaragua “, International Epilepsy News, # 94 Dec. 1988.
“A psychiatric service in an Italian Jail “, Memory of XIIIº International Congress of International
Academy of Law and mental Health (IALMH), Amsterdam 1987.
“The Florentine experience of a therapeutic program for drug-abusers “, (in Italian) Memory of IXº
National Congress of Italian Psychosomatic Medicine Society, Torino 1983.
Communication Skills                                      Natural endowed of communication skills, then I improved myself during my postgraduate studies, in field works and in short “ad hoc” wks in UN. Moreover, I experienced trans-cultural communication skills at different levels: Inter-institutional, community level and among health personnel as well as patients in the different countries, where I have worked.
Organizational/Managerial Skills                    I am use working in team in a in my different job experiences, how it is required by palliative care. Team building, its motivation and organization through democratic leadership, on job training, general public education, inter-institutional work as well as Social mobilization  Advocacy &  Lobby at different levels.
I was leader since high school age. and often in very different situations I actuated as team leader.  
I am creative and in  UNICEF I learned to manage “negotiation” transforming opponents in allied.
Job-Related Skills                                               I like Challenge. The last one I was appointed “alone” to put up up a new Palliative Care Unit starting with “zero resources”. Then I built an entire Palliative Care Unit , with its multidisciplinary team, by inter-institutional alliances Community mobilization and fund rising.
                                                                                I have excellent interpersonal relationship with patient and their families.
                                                                                Mass media management: by special multimedia report & interpersonal relationship.
                                                                                Research (quantitative & qualitative such as RAP), Goal-oriented project planning (ZOOP), acquired in UN wks.
                                                                                Working under pressure, easy going to new work environment, climate or cultural differences.
Computer Skills                                                 Good management of Microsoft Office Project, Access, Pub-MED and other professional networks Web research
Other Skills                                                          Open mind and very good skill to adapt myself to different culture in a short time.  Wide creativeness in situation analysis & identification of needs & available resources, decision making. I like riding horses, hunting, as well as 4-wheel jeep driving.  I practice agnostic sailing.
Professor Philip Larkin BSc MSc PhD
Associate Professor director of the Masters in Palliative Care programme
UCD School of Nursing, Midwifery & Health Systems Health Sciences Centre Belfield - Dublin 4 Ireland
Professor Raffaele de Gaudio,
Professor of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care
Director of Anaesthesia and Post Surgical Intensive Care Unit,
University Hospital Careggi, Florence.
Director Ph.D. program in Anaesthesiology and Surgery, University of Florence.
Medical School University of Florence School of Medicine.- Italy
Dr. John Zeppetella
Medical director St Clare Hospice Essex - UK
Professor Giampaolo Huober
Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Upstate University Hospital  - USA
Dr. Luciano Orsi, Editor of Italian Journal of Palliative Care (RiCP)
Chief of PCU of  Mantova - Italy

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