Data: dal 02.10.14 al 03.10.14

Sede: Napoli (NAPOLI - NA)

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Dear Friend,
It is with great pleasure to welcome you to the 2014 Naples International Shoulder Congress, about
arthroscopy, prosthesis and fractures. The 2010 edition was a real success both for the high scientific level of the
program and of the Faculty and for the considerable number of participants even beyond our expectations.
The scientific program of the congress will include 11 live surgeries and relive surgeries, 6 lectures, 14 case
presentations by leading shoulder surgeons, round table and podium discussions.
This meeting, supported by the efforts of three different Italian Scientific Societies, has the purpose of gathering the
Italian and international scientific communities, in particular the Mediterranean countries, in a unique educational
and cultural project on the shoulder.
The leading Scientific Societies in the field of shoulder surgery, ASES, EFFORT, ESSKA, SECEC and SIOT have endorsed
and recognized the educational value of the program of NISC.
In recent years shoulder surgery has changed and developed enormously. Arthroscopy has allowed a different
approach to supposedly well-known pathologies like instability, showing
different patho-anatomy lesions which require different solutions using scope or open procedure. Similarly,
arthroscopy has modified the treatment of rotator cuff lesions, prompting more and more surgeons to repair them
using less invasive techniques, and the treatment of complex situations.
Together with innovations of arthroscopic shoulder surgery and shoulder arthroplasty, surgeons also have more
possibilities to use different kinds of implants adapted to different pathologies. Indications on using resurfacing,
modular anatomical systems or inverse prosthesis need wider discussion in the scientific community.
Finally, in fracture treatment, old techniques have been improved and new possibilities have arisen thanks to new
implants, especially in the angle of stability, nail, hemiarthroplasty or reverse prosthesis.
The Naples International Shoulder Congress is hosted at the Hotel Royal Continental, Naples, on the 2 and 3
October, 2014.
The Chairmen Congress Organizers are glad to meet you and hope that science and life pleasures will nicely combine
during your stay in Naples.
Welcome in this heavenly place!
The Chairmen Congress Organizers

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