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Titolo: Atlas of the Superficial venous system of lower limbs throughMultislice Computed Tomography Angiography
Editore: Medea
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E' stato un privilegio e un onore per me partecipare alla pubblicazione di questo unico atlante di anatomia radiologica.

"The field of Venous Medicine is rapidly changing and with that change comes more knowledgeable use of diagnostic tools, such as ct-angiography. Imaging techniques sometimes outpace our understanding of the images we acquire, so texts such as these allow us to better understand what we can see within the human body and how it relates to venous disease processes. While we hope never to stop discovery and achieve the very last word in the scientific evaluation of venous disease, this well presented atlas will help us to navigate the next phase of the never-ending quest for fundamental understanding of patients with venous disorders".

President of International Union of Phlebology

Nick Morrison