Post intervento frattura-dolore a scossi elettriche

Ho subito un intervento il 14 Gen per frattura perrone scomposta. Tutto bene fino ad una settimana fa. Il giorno dopo la prima medicazione 23 Gen-la ferita era bella- poi ho iniziato a sentire le ditte del piede gonfii, forrmicolia, nervi a "fior di pele" sulle ditta, la pelle secca in squame e anche dolore e scosse sotto il gesso che sembrava scoppiare delle volte.
Dopo 4 gg ho telefonato all'ospedale e mi hanno detto di venire subito al pronto soccorso. Giunto al PS mi hanno aperta il gesso-che solievo- ma trovando la gamba morbido e ferita bella hanno avvolto la gamba in cotone morbido, chiuso il gesso e mi hanno dato da prendere cortisone e integratore vitamine.
L'otopedico ha detto che saranno i nervi della sciattica che si fanno sentire perchè sono sotto sforzo con le stampelle con il piede a riposo (niente carico) Io So solo che ho passato una notte da cane con il piede INFUOCATO e scossi a gogo! anche oggi ho male ma manca 2 gg alla 2nd medicazione e x levare punti.
Ma saranno mica i nervi lesi del intervento? Possibile che si tratta di vecchi problemi di mal di schiena? So solo che allargando il gesso ho più male-era meglio non andare al PS!
Lei che ne pensa?
Grazie Mary 53 anni Inglese
Ultima cosa-sono terrorizzata della sega oscillante per tagliare il gesso-può provocare lesioni? nel UK ho sentito di si e ho paura di quel brutto attrezzo.
PS Complimenti comunque per la sanità Italiana. In quella Britannica c'è da mettere le mani nei capelli! La giù nemeno i raggi fanno.......complimenti
Dr. Antonio Valassina Ortopedico, Chirurgo vascolare 2k 65 79
I would like to give you a question: after surgery do you took some drugs to prevent thrombo embolism like Clexane? If yes, how many?
Do you have history of tromboembolism in your family?
If you have for few days this problems the better choice is to open the plaster and ceck your venous system with a Doppler ultrasound and also to take some blood sample to test emocromo completo con formula, D-dimeri and PEC than contact your orthopaedic surgeon.
Take care to use anti embolic stockings thrombus at the opposite leg.

The saw is a fixed saw = it is working without rotation, just cutting with vibration. No fear, may be you can feel some warm sensation when your plaster will be open. It's all.

Thanks for your compliments, but we have many problems here in our NHS for economic crisis. Some health services run better in UK...than Italy.

Don't exitate to ask more questions. And... pls, maintains the leg always well raised!

Antonio Valassina MD

Nota:informazione web richiesta dall'Utente senza visita clinica; non ha valore di diagnosi, trattamento o prognosi che si affidano al medico curante

Thank you!
I shall be going to get my stitches removed tomorrow at Santa corona pietra ligure. They have already cut the plaster open when I went to pronto soccorso on Sunday. The doctor said the leg was fine and the sore toes and electric shocks were due to back problems but tomorrow I'll be seeing the "primario" and will explain everything,
The pain is very bed-it's fire at night, Worse since they opened the plaster!
I have been takiing one daily injection of Clexane.since I was taken into hospital on the 8th Jan and am continuing at home.
My mother suffered from tromboembolism (too many pregnancies) I shall tell them.
kind regards
Dr. Antonio Valassina Ortopedico, Chirurgo vascolare 2k 65 79
Well...take your time and ask to the Chief of the Trauma Service all your question. Than come back here pls and share with us all informations you received.
See you soon
Well, everything went well today. The doctors took off the plaster and examined my foot and symtoms. My foot felt like it was under anasthetic!
The conclusion was "accidently severed nerves" during the operation.
Not important nerves and almost inevitable in most fracture interventions. No problem regarding blood clots-relief.
So, I shall have to "grit my teeth and bear the pain" letting mother nature take her course and mend the nerves.
The new plaster is looser and has soft cotton inside. I asked if I could take asprin instead of cortisone because I think it's wonderful and kills pain better than anything-they said yes.
Thank you again and kind regards
Dr. Antonio Valassina Ortopedico, Chirurgo vascolare 2k 65 79
Well It's not bad if the diagnosis is that of the absence of thrombosis...
But be careful! When using drugs such as Clexane for the prophylaxis anti thrombo embolic, in case of pain is better not to use anti inflammatory drugs such as Aspirin (which can enhance the action of Clexane with possible bleeding problems), but only analgesic drugs.
I have to thank YOU for this very important advice-a red flag alert.
I started looking at the instructions for use in both clexane and aspirin then spoke to my friend who is a doctor in the farmacy and she confirmed strongly what you had said.
If I hadn't casually mentioned this to you in my message I would still be taking 2 asprins a day-one morning and one evening as the doctor (not the chief) said I could do to kill the pain.
I am now carrying on with tachidol which was prescribed on my final papers together with clexane.
I might as well finish off deltacortene and normast which were prescribed when I went to casualty in great pain that day.
It's very strange because they have such a good reputation in that hospital. I shall just FORGET the whole episode and not mention it-maybe he just didn't realise or remember that I was injecting clexane every day. You doctors are very busy guys and have a lot on your minds with so many people asking questions all the time.
Thank you again and this website is super! I shall encourage my frinds to subscribe!
Dr. Antonio Valassina Ortopedico, Chirurgo vascolare 2k 65 79
Clexane and Tachidol is good combination (usual for us, but i can't suggest drug trough Internet...) with a low risk of bleeding. Usually in these cases we also suggest the use of a drug protector of the stomach.
Taken into account, moreover, that the use of cortisone increases the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding!...
Still talk with her GP about the prescription of this drug.

Thanks for your comment and please help us to spread correct information and build a relationship and better communication between doctors and patients in the real world.
Good evening.
May I ask you another question?
My plaster was removed on 27th Feb and today is the 17th march but my foot still hurts and it is as as swollen as a sausage! Really swollen and redder than the other foot.. The top of my foot is insensitive-maybe where they severed the nerves during the op?
They said I should go to do at least one session of physio but I haven't been yet because my dear dog died in the meantime and I've been depressed.
Is this swelling normal? Will it go away in time? Could a little bit of cyclette help?
My GP suggested seeing a fisiatrica-what do you think?
Thank you and kind regards
Dr. Antonio Valassina Ortopedico, Chirurgo vascolare 2k 65 79
In young girls (but not too young ...), as you :) and women in particular, after the trauma of the extremities of the legs is normal for a bit 'of edema for a few weeks.
This swelling is secondary to a sort of transient "plegia" of small vessel secondary immobilization and cast: Sudeck's syndrome called (SS).
But in order to make a correct diagnosis should be distinguished from other causes of swelling SS as deep vein thrombosis ect ...
Only your surgeon can give after checking the answer.

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